Arab Youth Survey finds young Saudis increasingly optimistic, reflecting wider regional trend

October 14, 2021

DUBAI: Young Arabs are taking an increasingly optimistic view of their prospects in the post-pandemic world, with Saudi youth among the more confident that their lives will improve as the COVID-19 wave recedes.

That is one of the main findings of the 2021 annual Asda’a BCW Arab Youth Survey of people in the region, released on Tuesday, showing positivity for the future at a three-year high.

The poll, now in its 13th year, found that a growing majority of young people are taking a positive view of the future, with 60 percent agreeing that “their best days lie ahead of us,” according to the survey of  3,400 men and women aged 18-24 in 50 cities across 17 Arab states. The survey response was split 50/50 between men and women.


(Arab News)