China stands ready to enhance youth exchange with Arab countries, says Chinese spokesperson

July 01, 2023
The findings of the 15th annual ASDA’A BCW Arab Youth Survey were highlighted at China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning’s Regular Press Conference on June 27, 2023

China on Tuesday hailed increasing favorable sentiments among people in Arab world towards China and vowed to foster closer ties with countries in the region.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mao Ning made the remarks during a routine press conference in Beijing in response to a recent survey on China-Arab ties conducted by a Dubai-based PR consultancy.

According to the survey, among 3,600 people aged between 18 and 24 in 18 Arab countries, 80 percent of those surveyed consider China an ally, ranking near the top.

Over recent years, there have been several survey reports showing increasing favorable sentiments among people in Arab countries towards China. Arab friends, especially the young generation, see China as a sincere, amicable and trusted friend, Mao told the conference.

“China and Arab countries enjoy a longstanding tradition of friendly exchanges. Young people are the ones to carry forward this traditional friendship and represent the source of strength and hope for our friendly cooperation,” Mao noted.

China stands ready to work with Arab countries to continue enhancing youth exchange and cement the public foundation for building a China-Arab community with a shared future in the new era, the spokesperson added.

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